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MRF Product Type Period of Warranty Settlement Permissible Limit
Truck Bias tyres /ICV Bias 2 years from the month of manufacturing on the tyre Pro-rata Upto 85 % of Tread depth
Truck Radials tyres / ICV Radial 3 years from the month of Manufacturing on the tyre Pro-rata Upto 85 % of Tread depth
Light truck tyres and Small commercial vehicle tyres 4 years from the month of Manufacturing on the tyre Pro-rata Upto 85 % of Tread depth
Passenger car radial tyres 6 years from the month of Manufacturing on the tyre Pro-rata Upto 85 % of Tread depth
Two wheeler tyres/ radial tyres 6 years from the month of Manufacturing on the tyre Pro-rata Upto 85 % of Tread depth
Farm tyres and OTR tyres 6 years from the month of Manufacturing on the tyre Pro-rata Upto 85 % of Tread depth
Truck Light Trucks Tubes / Flaps 2 years from the month of Manufacturing on the tyre Pro-rata
Other Tubes and flaps 3 years from the month of Manufacturing on the tyre Pro-rata
  • Statement of Warranty
    • Every effort is made by MRF Limited (MRF) to secure the highest possible standards of excellence of materials and workmanship for its products.
    • All products manufactured by MRF are warranted against failure on account of any manufacturing defects (defective material/faulty workmanship) as per the period of warranty.
    • Any complaint on the product shall be subjected to a thorough inspection by MRF’s authorized trained Technical personnel to ascertain the defects in the product and if found to have failed due to manufacturing defect, the tyre will be replaced on pro-rata basis based on the remaining tread pattern depth (non-skid depth).
    • MRF’s warranty shall be limited to defects of workmanship and/or materials. The decision whether the MRF Tyres are defective or not, will be decided by the trained technical representative of MRF whose decision shall be final and binding on all concerned.
    • As the tyre mileage (i.e. durability/tyre life) depends on many uncertain factors such as terrain / load / speed / inflation / driving habits / the changes that may occur in the mechanical condition of the vehicle from time to time etc., the minimum mileage obtainable from a tyre cannot be predicted / warranted.
    • The price applicable for working out the amount payable on pro-rata basis will be as applicable on the date of exchanging the new tyre on pro-rata replacement.
    • Applicable taxes and levies on the new tyre, service charges incurred and cost of mounting and balancing service shall be borne by the customer / complainant.
    • Warranty is available only to the first retail owner of the product.
    • Any warranty exceeding the above are excluded. The Dealer or any third party is not authorized to make any representation or guarantee or warranty to the customer other than the one mentioned above.
  • Warranty Limitations:
    • The Warranty does not cover the tyre damage or irregular wear & tear or tyre become unserviceable under following circumstances:
      • Warranty Claim will not be considered if tyre damage is caused by improper use of vehicle, including vehicle used for testing purpose, tyres used for racing, competitions, or
      • Mechanical irregularity in the vehicle such as wheel misalignment resulting in uneven or rapid wear, or one sided wear
      • Damage caused due to incorrect mounting and de mounting of tires, under inflation, over inflation.
      • Tyres fitted to or used with incompatible or improper valves, rims or wheels or not being fitted in accordance with technical recommendation of Indian Tyre Technical advisory committee;
      • Tyres of vehicles, which carry loads or running at speeds higher than the load and speed index marked (as the case may be) on the tyre side wall or that recommended for the vehicles; or
      • Warranty ceases if the product is met with any road hazard damages like puncture, through cut, impact break, stone drill, bruise etc.
      • Improper/inadequate maintenance in terms of inflation pressure, tyre rotation, fitment on wheels not specified by the vehicle or wheel manufacturer, or negligence and any unauthorized changes made on the tyre, storage of new vehicles with tyres mounted on for a long duration which may cause defects like flat spot on tyre, tyres exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods while fitted on vehicles in stationary condition which may cause weathering cracks.
      • Tyres are retreaded, repaired, tampered, worn smooth, altered, misused, wrong or unintended applications or damaged due to handling, labeling, storing, unauthorized repairs, other modifications, misuses or damaged in any manner whatsoever other than manufacturing defect.
      • Product’s serial number is tampered or altered.
    • Warranty Terms , Procedures & Exclusions :
      • This warranty is only for the product under complaint and if the product is accepted under warranty the related products ( tyre/tube/flap) or other components of the vehicle will not be considered for warranty.
      • Where the tyre becomes unserviceable due to a condition within the terms of this warranty, the consumer must bring the tyre under complaint to MRF Sales & Service office or deposit the tyres at MRF Authorized dealer for inspection by MRF’s authorized Technical personnel.
      • All the inspection results will be communicated by SMS to the mobile number provided at the time of complaint given to the dealer or any other form of communication the company deems fit.
      • Normally an intimation regarding the inspection of any complaint item will be within 7 days of the date of the docket. If no intimation comes within 7 days the customer has to contact the MRF.
      • If replacement of complaint tyre is not readily available then MRF shall have the sole discretion either to supply an equivalent as replacement or reimburse the value based on the prorate depreciation or offer such other form of compensation as it deems fit.
      • In assessing if defect is found due to material/faulty workmanship, decision of MRF’s technical personnel will be final and binding.
      • The tyres not considered for warranty adjustment should be collected by the customer within 7 days of intimation from MRF beyond which MRF reserves the right to dispose the item without further notice to customer.
      • This warranty does not cover any indirect/incident or consequential loss due to tyre defect/damage.
      • This warranty excludes all applicable taxes, cost for alignment and balancing of wheel or any cost of transportation, handling charges, mounting or demounting charges, alignment, balancing etc.
      • MRF shall not be liable in respect of any claim whether direct or remote arising in contract or in tort for any injury(ies), losses or damages caused to any person or property by or arising out of the use of the MRF Tyres.
      • MRF reserves the right to modify part or the entire warranty policy without any obligation or notice.
      • This warranty is applicable only in India and subject to Indian Laws.
      • The claim under this policy shall be subject to verification of original proof of purchase.
    • The company will not be liable for any claim whether arising in contract or in tort for any injury, loss or damage caused to any person or property by or arising out of the use of any company product. There is no implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.