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Stock Info
Payment of dividend through electronic mode
Companies have been mandated by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) to use only RBI approved electronic mode of payment such as ECS, LECS, NECS, NEFT etc. for distribution of dividends or other cash benefits to investors.

Those shareholders who hold shares in physical form and have not furnished their bank details for effecting payment in electronic mode, are required to forward the following particulars to the Company:

AA request letter giving your bank account No.and 9 digit MICR No.

BAttested copy of PAN card.

CPhotocopy of cheque leaf for capturing the correct account No., IFSC code and 9 digit MICR code.

In the case of shareholders holding shares in electronic form, the above details may be forwarded to their respective Depository Participants. (DPs)

Kindly co-operate and ensure compliance at the earliest since this requirement has now become mandatory for payment of dividend or other cash benefits.